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Balcony, terrace or garden: green all year round.

Living in the city is a real luxury. Upperbloom makes your city life even more beautiful. We turn your balcony, terrace or garden into the best place in town. Full of beautiful and convenient greenery, with our service for outdoor plants and planters. So you can refuel, relax and enjoy the charms of the city.

Afraid of becoming a mother of plants? Upperbloom has got your back.

A quick rundown: this is Upperbloom

  • Smart plant subscription from €9.90 per month, cancelable monthly
  • Easy-care greenery on your balcony or terrace, or in your garden, all year round
  • Premium planters with large water reservoir and carefree watering system
  • Strong and beautiful plants, including three months Green Guarantee
  • Two or three times a year a plant change, delivered to your home and installed at your place by our balcony workers
  • Service: our balconiers are here for you

Plants in your life make a world of difference

Balconies, terraces and gardens with plants make up splinter greenery. All the little bits of green contribute significantly to a healthy city. Go for a green environment too. With our smart plant subscription, we make it feasible and simple. You choose green in the easiest way, and have the most beautiful plants around you all year round. No green thumb needed!

Anything goes

Small balcony or large roof terrace. Classic or modern. With or without a railing. Ten stories high or on the first floor. Anything goes: Upperbloom has the perfect plant set for every situation, with matching premium planters.

Choose convenience

We provide you with new, easy to care for plants several times a year. Always green in your outdoor space! Matching the season. Delivered to your home and installed by the balcony owners. We take the work off your hands. Because we believe in convenience. The only thing you have to do? Watering: in summer approximately once a week, in winter approximately once a month.

Quality plants and planters for balcony, terrace or garden

You never have to carry heavy bags of garden soil yourself anymore. And you'll never have to measure up to pots or pots sizes again. With an Upperbloom subscription, you receive both plants and planters for a fixed monthly fee. You put together your ideal set yourself. Need help from our plant experts? That is always possible!

We will supply your set of plants with high-quality greenery from Dutch soil, directly from our greenhouse. So you can be sure that you get the best plants. Together with our floral designers, plant experts and growers we create the plant sets. We surprise you with beautiful greenery according to the latest trends.

Our corresponding clever planters made of the cleanest plastic variety polypropylene (PP) are UV- and frost-resistant, as well as rainwater-proof. Powerhouses in every season, with a handy water meter and a large water reservoir. This makes taking care of your plants a breeze. The anthracite-colored planters have a sleek look and are available in three designs: hanging, standing high or standing low. You can combine.

Plant changes and Green Guarantee

Twelve months of vibrant views, you can do it with our plant changes! You even get a three month Green Guarantee from us. So no more dry leaves and dead flowers. Two or three times a year we provide you with fresh and strong plants of the season. You choose.

The plant changes go with the seasons. From a visual spectacle of color in the summer to more subtle evergreens when the temperature drops: you will enjoy a varied view time and again.

Good to know: plants returned to us after a seasonal change are composted, reused for new plant sets or donated to foundations and public organizations for a second life.

Delivered and installed at your site

Our balcony workers are the gardeners and gardeners of the city. They come to your place and install your plant set for you. The greenery goes straight into the planters. And these trained plant experts are happy to tell you all about the plants and maintenance. Handy, right? If you have any questions in between, just let us know and the balcony experts will drop by again. We are ready for you.

Good for you and the city

Together we will make and keep your balcony, terrace or garden green. With your Upperbloom subscription, you can bring strong green friends into your outdoor space that you will hardly have to worry about. This is how we make our surroundings more beautiful.

People with a disadvantage on the labour market help us in the greenhouse. In this way we create employment for those who cannot easily find a job.

Our service has a circular design. We maximize reusability and minimize waste production. Plants we take back are given a second life. We use recyclable products of high quality, for a long life.

Do you want a balcony, terrace or garden full of life? You can easily order the Upperbloom planting service: discover our plants of this season and compose your own set, consisting of both plants and containers. Make a feast of your outdoor space!
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