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Sweet Autumn Vibes

Ready for those glorious moments in the sun on your outdoor patio? We can't wait! With our exuberant plant sets for this autumn and winter, you are ready for whats coming. From summer morning to summer evening: it's time to start enjoying non-stop.

Check out all of our plant sets below.

Sedum Bright
Wilder and gentle, that's our Sedum Bright. The ideal combination of ground cover and air grabber. Sedum (succulent) on a green roof is well known, but why not install this plant cannon on your balcony? This plant is an appearance in itself. Combined with the Carex Priarie and the fresh Heuchera Coco Mint. Place them on your balcony and enjoy this arrangement throughout autumn and winter. Please note: the Sedum flowers until the end of September/beginning of October and will then decorate your planter with its green tones that will surprise you throughout the winter.

→ start your set with the Sedum Bright

Autumn Crisp
Fresh and trendy. With this arrangement we combine cool colors in different heights. It's a container full of green - that stays green - all autumn and winter long. Easy, right? These are plants that you don't see very often - as you would expect from us, of course! Example: The Ajuga Mini (Zen Green) may have the darkest leaves we know, but it will surprise you with violet flowers this fall. Another fun one: Helichisum Silverball, as the name suggests - it's that silver/white gray one. Tip from the balcony owner: Touch this plant! - as soft as a teddy bear.

→ start your set with the Autumn Crisp

Autumn Chic
The classics from the winter collection, but put together and perfectly matched. You've probably seen the Skimmia, Gaultheria (mountain tea) and Hedera pass by. Now brought together for you into one exuberant and wild set for your balcony. Will a cold and long winter soon be upon us? The Winter Chic does not budge an inch.

→ start your set with the Autumn Chic

Why plants on your outdoor space?

Many balconies, patios and gardens are just deserted places in the city, as a forgotten corner or storage place for garbage. That can be done differently. We believe that everyone can have a beautiful balcony or terrace. And we think it's important, because it makes you happier and contributes to a healthier city.

Participate in a green city and increase the quality of life in your neighborhood. Brighten up your outdoor space with your subscription to our modern standing or hanging planters and our changing plant offer, including a three month Green Guarantee and plant swaps.

The most simple care of plants on your balcony, patio or garden

We get it: you obviously have enough to do with your day already. That's why we make it as easy as possible for you. How does that work? With our plant subscription, the greenery is simply delivered to your home - it is even installed by our balconeers. You will receive a unique arrangement especially designed for your balcony, terrace or garden, which is robust and easy to maintain.

Our accompanying premium planters for the balcony or garden feature a large water reservoir: so you don't have to water as often (in winter 1x per month, in summer 1x per week). With the water meter, you can see at a glance whether your plants need watering. Not yet the case? Take it easy. Those plants grow nicely without your help. So enjoy without worry.

You will be provided with new plants 2 or 3 times a year

For a small fixed monthly fee, depending on your personal Upperbloom subscription, you'll receive our premium planters filled with beautiful plants. To ensure that you have a vibrant balcony, terrace or garden all year round, you'll receive new plants two or three times a year. You choose! Our balcony experts will visit you multiple times a year to provide your plant set with fresh and strong plants, originating from Dutch soil.

So you don't have to install your new green friends in your planter on your balcony or terrace yourself: we will lovingly take that off your hands in our greenhouse. Any questions or problems? Just let us know and, if necessary, the balcony staff will pay you another visit.

Surprising and quality garden or balcony plants for your green oasis

How does Upperbloom come up with the ideal plants for your balcony? Together with our floral designers, plant experts and growers, we come up with new compositions. We play with the trends and alternate with the use of color in order to arrive at the most beautiful selection. We present these compositions to you: you choose your favorite new plants entirely according to your wishes! Of course, we also take into account the different balcony situations - from sunny to shady, from dry to wet when it rains.

The looks alone are not enough. Upperbloom is committed to quality. Our planters are UV and frost resistant, as well as rainwater proof. We provide strong plants with the right nutrition for optimal flowering, which comes directly from the grower. The planters are filled at our grower's and cultivated for a few weeks in optimal condition. Thus, the plants are well-rooted and ready to bloom as soon as they arrive on your balcony, patio or garden!

Excited? You can easily order your Upperbloom balcony plants: discover our plants of this season and compose your own balcony set. Make a celebration of that outdoor space!

Beautiful plants on your balcony, patio or garden all year round.

Plants make you happy. Therefore, they should not be missing from your life, and from your outdoor space. Afraid you're no good with plants? Upperbloom has got your back. You can count on us: it has never been easier to have a beautiful balcony full of life! All year round.