Our Plants

Beautiful plants on your balcony all year round.

We do most of the work for you. All you have to do is tell us which colors appeal to you the most. As soon as you've ordered, we'll contact you to organize it. We always have an arrangement that will suit your wishes!

An impression of our autumn/winter selections.

An impression of our sprint/summer selections.

Our seasons

We have divided the year into two periods; spring/summer and autumn/winter. Because we guarantee you a green balcony, we will visit you in April and October to provide your balcony set with new plants. This way your balcony will be in a fresh new state for the new season.

Our plant designs

Together with our floral designers, plant experts and growers, we create new plant compositions every season. We combine seasonal trends and different color use. We also take into account different balcony situations (amount of sun for example). Each season we design three compositions that we will discuss with you as soon as you have ordered. There is always something nice for your balcony set!

Plant origin

The plants we use are of Dutch origin. Our plants have been potted for a few weeks so that they will get a boost under ideal conditions before they are installed on your balcony. Did you know that people with a distance to the labour market help to fill the planters?