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Premium planters designed specifically for your outdoor space.

Upperbloom planters for your balcony have been awarded the Red Dot Design Award. Our planters are made in Germany. So it is very close to home! What's more; with Upperbloom you get 100% recyclable planters on your balcony. Our planters are made of polypropylene (PP): the cleanest version of plastic. And to complete the picture, the inner containers are made of fully recycled plastic.

What we really think is a waste? Plastic planters that are not used. That's why you rent your planters from Upperbloom, and we'll make sure they are always equipped with pretty plants. It's good for the planter, good for you and good for the world.

Dimensions planters

50 cm wide / 20 cm high / 20 cm deep

So what is so special about these planters?

So with your Upperbloom subscription, you rent our planters with a clean, modern look. No fuss, suitable for every balcony. You have three designs to choose from: planter hanging, planter standing high or planter standing low. Decide what suits your terrace or balcony best. Combining is allowed! The base is always the same: the Upperbloom planter.

The watering system in our planters works just like in nature. When it rains, the excess water can drain away via the overflow bottom screw. Water and fertilizer can be replenished in the water filling shaft with accompanying water meter.

Water goes directly to the roots of the plants. So you never give too much or too little water and the filling goes a lot faster.

In addition to the potting soil, you will find a PON layer in the containers: an ideal buffer for water, nutrients and fertilizer. PON consists of high-quality mineral rocks that are free of contaminants and harmful substances. This forms the ideal water to air ratio for plants (45% water - 55% air), which greatly reduces your plants' susceptibility to disease.

Will this planter also fit on my railing?

We are 99% sure we can install your balcony set on your balcony. Our balcony workers always know how to handle the type of railing you have. In addition, it's good to know that we leave your planters 100% safe. For example, our planter brackets include a release mechanism so the planter will always stay attached to your railing. If you have a solid railing and can't fit a loop through it, we have an alternative strong bracket that will always work.

The planters on a stand do not suffer from this, they stand on their own, nice and easy!

Sounds good? You can easily order your Upperbloom balcony plants: discover our plants of this season and compose your own balcony set. Make a celebration of that balcony!

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Just like in nature. This is how the watering system works.

Water meter

No static water, no drought: the water meter shows at a glance whether the plants need water.

Water filling shaft

Here water and fertilizer can easily be replenished. Water goes directly to the roots of the plants. The filling is also a lot faster!

PON Layer

Acts as a drainage layer and doses the water supply to the plant. PON is also a water, nutrient and fertilizer buffer.

Seperation layer

Forms the water reservoir (3 liters) in the bottom of the planter.

Rainwater overflow

In case of excess water due to rainfall or other, the excess water can drain away via the overflow bottom screw.

UV and frost resistant

Whatever the season, your planter will retain its strength, shape and color.

100% Recyclable

Our planters are made of the cleanest plastic variant polypropylene (PP), which is fully recyclable. In addition, the inner container is made of 100% recycled plastic.